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tv   BBC World News  PBS  March 16, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> bbc world news. funding made possible by the stowe vermont and honolulu. john d. and katherine t. mac arthur foundation and union bank. >> union bank.
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what can they do for you? >> any bbc world news. relying in the northeast and japan and the latest of the after math. a surge in radiation levels. lowing levels to cool the reactors. snow and freezing temperatures hit the worst areas. >> welcome to the news. there is renewed unrest. one report today saying two reporters were killed. and sdieting a cia contractor on
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two counts of murder. >> workers in japan have returned to the site to continue to cool and stabilize the reactors. earlier, they had to evacuate yes. hello. i'm not far from the epi center. we are at this school.
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some of the 50 workers battling to keep those fuel rods cool had to be evacuated today as a result of a dangerous rise in the level of radiation. there's something like half a million people now homeless beg cared for in shelters like this one and supplies of food, water and petro were running very, very low. >> a new tactic to cool a strik ebb reactor. they plan to dump water from above. it looks like a desperate measure the workers there have
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suspended their evacuations. they have evacuated the safe area. avoid all none responsibly levels. radiation levels are reported to be slightedly higher here. snow and freezing temperatures. supplies are not coming threw. there are concerns about conditions in evacuation
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centers. many of which are attacked. >> the worst earth earthquake the country has suffered followed by the devastating tsunami call for unprecedented measures including the rare appearance today of the addressing of a nation. let's hear what he had to say >> the earthquake is unprecedentedscale of magnitude 9.0. i feel deep sorrow for the people who surthe accident at
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nuclear power plant causes deep wor worry. addressing a very fearful nation today. talking about the asia business reporter. we know that the any kay has been completely and utterly batered. what is the situation today? it seems like a lot of bargain hunting was going on. investors thinking shares are very cheap. it is a good time to buy all
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blue chip stocks. seeing more than 6% on monday and more than 10% on tuesday. it was expected and rebounded strong strongly but likely we'll see the ability in the markets. it is probably too early to say one analyst would say the cost would cost up to $2 billion. the impact is greater than what
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we thought. when the earth earthquake happened, it was followed by tsunami. it will cost a lot to make sure it goes back to normal. and make sure those plants go back to the original situation. it can be costing a lot of money. the government finances haven't been in a good situation. if it hasn't come up with a budget, which it is considering, it has come up with the finances let's hear what we have to say we have to control the temperatures well to prevent any
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risk from that area. that structure is put into place according to the border received. the investigation of the administration of science and technology according to the newspaper report shall you instructed the ministry not to comment on the hill september 30-60 kilometers. the levels will come down. for your former question. what work must be done? otherwise it can cause great confusion among the public. it must have a clear
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responsibility. that has been part of my work. on the compounds of the nuclear power plant in the vicinity of the economy trading industry and agency have the responsibility for reporting. as to the areas outside next is responsibility and also majorly responsible. the safety commission and nuclear safety industry. you have to evaluate. that's the issue i gave to them. experts analyzing and evaluating
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the details. based on that. the government with such an instruction is appropriate for now. any other questions? >> radio active materials were found in the tap water. what about the possible impact on human health? way haven't received a report on the specific value. we have to answer that question based on the pin of the experts. as i said before, we are exposed to radiation. in a normal life, that is the media report the radiation in
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the higher area. if you travel between tokyo and new york, are you exposed to high radiation level. a small amount of radiation is emitted to reduce the entire risk. in the range that does not cause any damage to human health but just in case, the people within the 28 kilometer range were ordered to evacuate. >> that was the chief cabinet secretary giving an update on the situation and the problems workers are having there trying to deal with the fires and those fuel rods that they are trying to keep cool.
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i think we can now cross to racial in the coastal town about 100 kilometers north of our position here and one of those areas hit hardest by the earth earthquake. what's the situation like where you are? >> it's a scene of utter devastation. you can still see the houses. on top of one of toes is two large trucks. you can see the shelf of a large building. in between the larger concrete structures, it's just wreckage that have been completely wrecked by the force of the wave that came through. it's very strange. you see a few signs here. everything else in between has
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been flat ned. it is now the scene of a pretty sizeable action. they've gone from building to building checking to see if there's anybody inside at all and moved on to another town. behind them, they are trying to move away some debris. they are still finding bodies in that area. that's what this has become is a search for bodies and not survivors. since they've arrived on saturday, all they've been doing is retrieving bodies. >> we'll leave it there.
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racial on the eastern coast there talking about the fact that now the search and rescue is turning into a situation to recover bodies. efforts should not be put into that but also securing the futures of those half a million people who have been immediate homeless. i'm here at a former school where they are handing out blankets. these are people who have been made homeless as a result of what's happened. for those people who survived. they are now facing food and water shortages.
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it's been fall like so quickly. there's so much to worry about here. the earthquake cutoff the supply chains. they are almost out of food. >> we don't know how long this is going to go on or the food is going to come in. i don't even have enough to survive after the next few weeks. everyone here is worried about radiation. her parents won't go outside. they've stocked up on face masks and say that's what they would do. >> you can't see radiation, can y you? people tell you what information they can trust. there are conflicting reports
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about how much radiation may or may not beheaded in their direction. no wonder people in this community are so sorried. these are such uncertain times. all non-essential travel should be cancelled. the chinese and french getting their citizens out of here suggesting they leave the country all together. skwa l >> since monday, they've been urging people to leave the country. today, they put in place an
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evacuation plan and sending two plans to process tomorrow. we are also told that they put on stand by in case they need to step up the program. you have to look at this. he was heavily criticized for the slow reaction in tunisia. he's been keen to get on the front foot i think on this objection, they are trying to show one against, they are in charge of the situation and
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should leave japan, if they wish. >> i've been speaking to you for the last few minutes from this former school that's being used as a temporary shelter. many people who had to be evacuated from the towns and villages because of the fear and radiation problems. let's talk to local people helping out they have been helping the volunteers here deal. first of all, explain why you felt it was important for you to come here and help.
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>> they live nearby and found out that this place is being affected and they will do anything they do to help when they do that. >> do you think the japanese have come together to relieve those people who have been having a crisis here. do you believe this country has been brought closer together? >> the country of japan has been
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brought together. the disaster has been brought up on television. everyone is thinking what can they do to help in the situation. you heard it there she keeb and anxious to help people. the death toll is 35000. >> thank you >> reports say the county is doited on two counties of
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murder. he insisted he was defending himself. the ruler could strain the relations with the united states. live now. >> local media are reporting that the charges of double murder have been laid against h him. the hearing is still going on in the jail. there has not been any indictment by the pakistany cou court. the issue wasn't resolved but was kicked back to be decided. the issue of immunity to be
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resolved. on the day that he should not have been prosecuted the intersection from one of the largest cities in pakistan. five of them through to the screen of his car. now the a fleet have accused you of cold blooded murder. they were firing in self-defense. there has been tremendous anger
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and restraint. >> another big story clear for the anti-government. the capitol two days after the government and troops and the security officer has died from wounds during classes in the middleton of the capitol city. two protesters for the day, dozens of people dealing there. >> we'll have that report in just a second for you. >> the latest is that two people have been killed. communications have been very, very difficult.
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i've been speaking to a doctor at the hospital working at the theater who told me that troops were surrounding at that hospital and no one was being allowed in or out. from where i'm talking to you, i have a view of where the helicopters are circling over head. i can see plumes of smoke and riot a fleet leading to the square. earlier in the day and overnight protesters were trying to barricade. they moved in in tanks. they were clearly no match for the military. because of this medical access that says the wounded are being treated. the authorities here have appealed that's what they are
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calling it for the option. they are giving us no ground and no reason to trust them. now the day after the state of emergency has been appealed here. it's clear that the authorities have chosen the military response saying this is a political problem that is a political response. forces lower to the libyan leader will launch a ground attack on the eastern town. libyan state television said the rebels were in full retreat saying they will patrol the road. residents in the western city say the forces have advancing on their term. >> some breaking news coming from the a and p service. heavy gun fire in the western ivory coast.
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